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Construction News

Construction: Components will arrive to site, always following safety measures.
Operation and Maintenance: December 2020, Malaspina I entered into operation. Equipped with 14 wind turbines, it is expected to produce 245 GWh per year, enough to supply the need of 60.000 households in Argentina.
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Community Engagement News

Malaspina is fully engaged with the local communities near the Park and develops different community impact activities.
Donation of Solar Panels to UTN Chubut (Puerto Madryn) and open seminar about Malaspina. (Press Release 1 - Press Release 2)
Solar Panels Donation from one of our Solar Parks in San Luis to Tourist Hub Bahía Bustamante to generate clean energy.
Art Contest "La Energía de Mi País"with local School students to raise awareness on Renewable Energy. Three winners per grade!
Renewable Energy Business Case presentation during International Summit at UTN Chubut following European Program, Horizon 2020.
Two scholarships for Camarones' students to study a two-year Degree at UTN Chubut.
Training workshop to Camarones’ Municipality Environmental Team.
Engagement at Camarones' 119th Anniversary Celebrations.
COVID-19 Community Emergency Response
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Provision of cleaning supplies to communities
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